the people person behind the red teacup

We're a one-woman team. Well, and two cats.


About helen

I probably should choose a more respectable, presentable photo than this to represent who I am, but actually that's... sort of who I am. That was me on my Haglette, which was a combined stag/hen/bachelor/bachelorette party. I married the love of my life (we're still married, so all happy tales here). I really really like being British, and talking about it to other people.

How the red teacup came to pass

I wanted my own business, but I could never settle on an idea. Then I read this blog which basically told me I need to just start. The red party cup is an icon of American culture, and the teacup is iconic to the British Empire, so much like my newfound heritage, my business name is a fusion of two cultures. It's great, I get to pick the best of both and get twice the awesome! All the designs are my own, I did them with my own porcelain hands.

the cats. they get a section because they're important.


Professor T.J. Snuggles

Brought into this world by a stray, The Professor never guessed he would end up here. To be honest, I don't think he really ever thought about it, given the fact that his brain is the size of a walnut. He does think about food, a lot. Food is his reason for living. I don't set an alarm anymore - he wakes me religiously at 8am.



Melon sometimes gets lost in our 1-bedroom apartment. She has general anxiety and will growl at people knocking on the door. We're genuinely concerned that she has developmental issues, as she will stare at the wall for hours, and is the size of a large kitten, despite being several years old.