Start an online t-shirt store: The tools I used

It’s incredibly easy to start an online t-shirt store, I did mine within a day. Now, this isn’t to be confused with getting GOOD at selling t-shirts, or making enough money to retire and buy several houses on precarious cliff edges, but getting a starting point is a big milestone. I’m not going to talk…

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Spotlight On: Cup of Tea T-Shirt Collection

cup of tea t-shirt

Our Cup of Tea t-shirt collection is quite delightful. Just like a refreshing cup of tea, our shirts leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, for the next 34 minutes until you need another cup of tea, and are machine washable, just like your favorite tea mug. Just don’t put the…

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Differences in answering the phone

I was watching Making a Murderer (which is a fantastic documentary series if you haven’t seen it yet) and there was one particular bit that stood out to me. In a scene where a young Brendon is on the phone to his mother, we are introduced to a particularly delightful exchange (ok, so a little…

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Union jack apparel through the ages

Who remembers the Geri Halliwell dress? Or the Liam Gallagher lairy t-shirts with the massive flags on them? What about back in the good old mod days, where color palettes consisted of red, white, and blue, with the occasional army green and black leather? No one can argue that Union Jack apparel has stood the…

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Moving to America: 5 years on – the things that still sting

On December 17th 2011 I entered American soil and became an American permanent resident. When I was six years old and I was asked what I wanted to be when I was older, I didn’t say “an American” because moving to America wasn’t on my list of things to consider. But here I was, twenty-something…

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34 responses to being British you’ll never stop hearing as an expat

083116 featured image2

There are some responses to being British that will never cease. Despite being on this earth for many decades, for some other people, your novelty has just begun. Imagine walking into Walmart and seeing E.T. just wandering around buying cheap bananas – you’d be floored! But to E.T., he’s just being E.T., and there’s nothing unusual about…

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Wearing the Union Jack: Should you be?


Flags can be a source of contention, and without getting into too many dodgy politics, people are more ‘scared’ of cultural pride now than ever before. I proudly display my home flag on my license plate, and today I wondered, is wearing the Union Jack something that should be approached with caution? Firstly, lets discuss…

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Cat Clothing Trends 2016: The universal appeal of cat.

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2016 has been pretty dramatic, and with the news, things can tend to seem sad and dull. At least we have cat clothing to cheer us up! In this blog, I’ll do a quick roundup of the fun cat-themed apparel that seems to be making the rounds this year, and I’ll provide some handy buying…

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T-shirt online shopping: Getting it right

082916 featured image

When buying a t-shirt online, a consumer is faced with loads of options. Many daily websites such as Busted Tees, Teespring, Teefury, Qwertee offer variety, but is that a good thing? It can be easy to take what started as a simple mission to buy a good t-shirt and turn it into a whole mess of…

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