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Union Jack Apparel

All things red, white, and blue.

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Oh the weather outside is delightful. Because it's not England.

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Cup of Tea

Wash it all down with a nice warm cup of brown love.

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On the Thrash

Getting nice and blottoed with the crew.

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Legalize The Surprise

Propaganda in favor of the legali(z)ation of Kinder Surprise in America.

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Driving on the right

All roads lead to home, unless you have the Atlantic between you and home.

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Hair of the dog

Designs for lazy Sundays, and when chicken and waffles just doesn't cut it.

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Being Bilingual

You speak two languages now - isn't that just so brilliantly rad?!

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cup of tea t-shirt

Spotlight On: Cup of Tea T-Shirt Collection

September 13, 2016

Our Cup of Tea t-shirt collection is quite delightful. Just like a refreshing cup of tea, our shirts leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, for the next 34 minutes until you need another cup of tea, and are machine washable, just like your favorite tea mug. Just don’t put the…

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Spotlight On: Our “Legalize The Surprise” Collection

August 21, 2016

When I had the idea for a British-inspired expat t-shirt website, there was one thing that just had to be featured, and that was the outrageous ban on Kinder Eggs in America. Whether true or not, in my circle of Brits it was a common joke that America was very quick to ban and sue…

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