How do I place an order?

It's easy! Just find the design you like, make sure you select the correct size and color, and add to cart. You can view your cart from the top menu once you have added items, and there'll be options to pay from there.

What size am I?

Review our size guide to get your size. If you are still unsure, please contact our customer service before placing your order. Please note that refunds will not be offered if you accidentally order the incorrect size or design.

Where is my order? What happens next?

You'll get an email confirming your order and payment, as well as shipping details. If you don't seem to get anything, check your spam folder. If you STILL don't get anything, contact our customer support for a natter.

What payment types do you accept?

Currently we accept major credit cards and Paypal.

I have a specific product quality question.

Email us with your specific question 🙂


How long does shipping take?

These are custom printed items, meaning that patience is a virtue! That said, you should get your item pretty quickly. Typical wait times after successful order placement is between 5 and 12 business days, depending on the item and your location. Wait times may extend during busy periods such as holidays. If you're ever in a pickle wondering where your item is, just contact us!

What are the shipping costs?

We use live shipping rates, meaning that we fetch them at the time of order, and pass on to you the exact cost for shipping your item to your lucky little hands. The slight downside of this is you'll need to enter your address to find out how much it will be, but we promise it won't give you sticker shock!

Where do you ship to?

Currently we only ship to the USA - sorry everyone else. Perhaps this is a good opportunity to make an American friend and have them ship internationally for you. We may extend our coverage in the future, so check back periodically.

I wrote my address wrong and submitted my order. What now?

Silly bee! It'll take a little while for your package to make the rounds, and hopefully be returned back to the starting point. We estimate up to 30 days. At that time, we'll make sure we have the correct address, and we'll resend it. You'll have to pay for the re-shipping, but just consider it a lesson learned.

What postal hiccups am I covered for?

We'll take the blame if;

  • Your item is lost in transit
  • Your item is damaged in transit
  • Your item is mis-handled by the postman

We're not to blame if;

  • Your item goes to wrong address due to you typing in the wrong address
  • Tracking shows the package as delivered to the address on the order

If you're concerned about your package, whether our fault or not, contact our customer support and we'll talk it out together.


We do not accept returns for items bought in the wrong size or style. Please check your order before submitting! If your item is delivered damaged or mis-printed, please contact our customer support for assistance.


Is your site secure?

We're in the process of obtaining an SSL certificate. Please check back for more information.

Are the designs yours? Do you print them yourself?

All the designs you see have been made by me, using correctly licensed images. I sit in bed, normally with a cat on my lap, and draw my wildest dreams using Illustrator and a lot of tea. I then use an online printing service to handle all the mucky stuff.

I have feedback about your website and technical stuff.

Cool. Email me please!


Who all works for this website?

Currently it's just me, Helen, and my two cats - Professor T.J. Snuggles and Melon. My hubby is around, but he typically just gives me moral support.

Can I call you instead of emailing? I'm a talker.

Currently we don't have a customer service number. That might change in the future. As a compromise, you can record an audio of your voice and email it to us. On second thoughts, don't do that, it's creepy.

Can I work for you? Can I blog for you?

Anything can be attempted. Email me and we'll see what we can do.


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