Cat Clothing Trends 2016: The universal appeal of cat.

Cat Clothing Trends 2016: The universal appeal of cat.

2016 has been pretty dramatic, and with the news, things can tend to seem sad and dull. At least we have cat clothing to cheer us up! In this blog, I'll do a quick roundup of the fun cat-themed apparel that seems to be making the rounds this year, and I'll provide some handy buying tips (as always!).

Trend #1: Budget-Friendly Cat clothingCat clothing from Meowingtons


The one site I keep seeing on my Facebook Feed is Meowingtons. This cute site offers styles of clothing, accessories, and gifts aimed at crazy cat ladies on a budget. These cute stockings are amazing, and only $5 in the current sale. That's a pretty sweet deal!

Trend #2: Delicate cat-themed accessories

I recently had too much wine and bought a sterling silver cat ring. This thing is SUPER cute, and is a wrap-around ring that can be easily adjusted to fit your summer or winter body size. It basically looks like a cat is hugging your finger. The prongs are small, but robust enough that you're not going to snap them when you accidentally crash through the front door at 3am after too much patron.

Trend #3: Personalized cat items

We LOVE cats! We all think our cats are the best, and we all want to wear their faces as clothes, right? Well, I know I do. Fiverr has made itself known as a site where you can get awesome artwork for, yes, a Fiverrrrrr. It's easy to get your feline immortalized in pencil, just check out this adorable cat illustration for just $10. With the booming success of Neku Atsume, cat illustrations are more popular than ever as clothing designs, and you thought Hello Kitty was just a phase...!

Trend #4: Cat memes

Grumpy Cat, Business Cat, Cats Standing Up... cat memes are not going away anytime soon, and I'm frankly happy about that. In my house, my cats work full time to cover their room and board, and their job is to entertain me. As with any job, sometimes the tasks are demeaning, but the value of that kibble never changes. Cat memes are the fruit of their labor, and it's good that we don't let that go to waste. More cat clothing with memes please!

Now, it might just be the toxoplasma gondii speaking, but cats could just be one of the best things on this earth. And unlike our favorite celebs who just keep dying (damn you 2016!), cats multiply like rabbits. Cats are cheap to own, (or even free if you're like my friend Charlie who lures them through her bedroom window for a few hours at a time), and they provide a valuable heat source on a cold day. It's really no wonder why cats keep hitting the list of hot 2016 clothing trends.

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