It’s here! Finally, a LIVE product review!

It’s here! Finally, a LIVE product review!

I’m so excited! I decided to test the ordering system and buy myself one of my custom t-shirts, and it got delivered at 1:28pm today. I had to resist from ripping open the bag, but I managed it, and instead I documented the whole process. Here goes.

Ordering Process

Considering I was the first to forge the way with the checkout and payment system, there were a few bumps. It turned out that the process was correct, I just needed to get used to all the functions of WooCommerce and my t-shirt printer integration, and eventually after a little Googling, tinkering, swearing, and deep breaths, I got a successful order message. It really isn’t a whole lot of work for the customer, which is great. You simply pick what you want, go to the checkout, enter your details and payment, double check them, and submit. That’s it!

Delivery time

The custom t-shirt (I ordered the Prosecco t-shirt which is printed on the Next Level triblend racerback) was ordered on August 23 at 1:13 pm, and delivered on August 27th at 1:28pm, so it took exactly 4 days from store to door. Not bad at all, considering the estimate is 5 business days or more, and I live 2000 miles from the Californian warehouse!


prosecco stickerBearing in mind I ordered the Next Level 6733 Ladies’ Racerback Tank in vintage black, which has a triblend fabric and is designed to be light and airy, I was surprised by how small the package was. It total, the sealed package weighed 83 grams, which in context is a handful of dried apricots, and the package itself easily fit in our little cubby mailbox, with plenty of room left for all the spam and crap we get bombarded with on a daily basis. The tank t-shirt shipped in a clear protective bag inside a grey plastic envelope, which seemed adequate to protect my special delivery from the perils of USPS.

Check out my cute custom sticker!


The shirt

Ok, so by this point I was like, “just open the damn thing already Helen” and I bet this is where you’re at. So I opened it, and boy was I happy. My initial worry that the package was small was unfounded, as the shirt is substantial, just light. It’s designed to feel soft, and it really does – the fabric is super comfortable to the touch, and that’s even with my calloused climber hands!

prosecco TRIP

The print quality

The print came out awesome! I had heard that triblend fabrics tend to print very ‘vintage’ and don’t have that thick, waxy feel to them where the artwork is, and that actually worked well for this shirt. Because the fabric is airy, anything heavier would have weighed it down. The quality of the photograph behind the Prosecco text is good – it does get a little bit mottled if you hold it directly up to your eye, but if people are standing that close to you on a regular basis, you’ve got other issues to worry about. It looks absolutely spot on from a non-weird standing distance away.

The design itself fits the shirt well, although the left-align text could do with a longer word at the top to balance it out. It still looks great, but it does irk my pedantic organizer muscle a little. I’m going to take this into account for future designs.


I’ve got quite a slender upper body. Full disclosure, I’m 5’7 and in the 130s with muscle, so yeah, I’m on the smaller size of the chart (and damn do I make that chart look good). That being said, I have pretty bulky limbs from deadlifting and climbing. I’m normally a street size 4-6 in tops at shops that don’t vanity size.

Based on this information, I ordered a Small. That’s 27.5 inches in length and 16 inches in width. When I order my next sample, I’m going to go with the XL, as I do have a lot of room for activities in there. This shirt is actually designed to fit exactly as it does on me, but I’m a fan of slightly tighter tops, especially when working out. Nothing worse than going for a big move when upside down on the boulder and exposing your tatas to everyone. I would say the sizing is pretty generous, but it will depend on how you like your tops to fit.


It’s pretty much the most perfect t-shirt for wearing at the gym. It feels good and not heavy, and it’s a bold design on a feminine cut shirt, so it’s a really nice balance. My next sample is going to be one of the thicker shirts, and I’m going to order it in white to see how the colors print (as white ink on a black shirt is one of the clearer printing configurations). I’m excited to declare my love of bubbly stuff when I next work out!

prosecco grass

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