Spotlight On: Cup of Tea T-Shirt Collection

Spotlight On: Cup of Tea T-Shirt Collection

Our Cup of Tea t-shirt collection is quite delightful. Just like a refreshing cup of tea, our shirts leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, for the next 34 minutes until you need another cup of tea, and are machine washable, just like your favorite tea mug. Just don’t put the shirt in the dishwasher, or visa versa.

tea me bro t-shirtWhat’s So Expat About the Cup of Tea T-shirt Collection?

As any expat will tell you, tea is the one thing they miss the most. You can buy tea here, you can buy proper tea here, but there’s just something about being surrounded by a nation of tea drinkers that is so satisfying, and that’s not available in America. You know the sad cafe in The Apprentice UK, where they go to slag each other off after a long day losing Sir Alan’s respect? It’s that ‘dreary London’ feeling that actually is missed, when you move away. I’d give anything for an afternoon where the temperature drops, you put the beef in the slow cooker, and the windows fog up in anticipation of molten stew and buttery crusty bread, with a nice hot cup of tea to wash it all down.

Talk About The Tee Shirts, Damnit

Ok sorry. So back to the t-shirts. My favorite is the Tea Me Bro shirt, which is basically a take on the beer keg lifestyle of frat boys here in America. “BEER ME BRO” they shout, as they crush a can in one hand and throw a football shaped like an egg in the other. This t-shirt (AKA a “tea shirt”) is commemorative of that, if that was a Sunday afternoon at the Foxhills Manor in Windlehamshire, England, and you were trying to catch the attention of tea server. Only you wouldn’t throw an American Football at her – that’d be ridiculous. It’d just be a regular football.

You’re Still Not Talking About The Shirt, You’re Just Waffling

Ok sorry. What do you want to know?! It’s all on the product page anyway. Our shirts are mainly American Apparel brand, as we like the softness of the material, and the fit is more flattering than the cheaper ones. They also are a little lighter than other brands, which means they feel more airy in the horrible humid American Summer. And to make Muricans proud, the shirts are also manufactured here in Freedom Land.

How Do You Make The Perfect Cup of Tea?

I’m glad you asked, anonymous blog reader, because I know the answer to this (and this is fact, not opinion): First, you decide whether you’re going to want a second one. Based on that, you either grab a mug, or a mug AND a teapot. If you’re making tea in a pot, add one teabag per person, plus one additional one for the pot. Fill the pot the desired amount (if you’re not sure, chant “Only a fool puts the milk in the cup first” to time the pour of a single cup’s water into the pot) and replace the lid and the tea cosy. If you’re making tea in the cup, simply put the bag in, and pour water to cover it, leaving 3 cm or so at the top for milk and splash allowance. Let sit for 3-5 minutes, depending on how stewed you like it. Any less than that and you’re an absolute animal, not in a good way. Once the time is up, stir the bags in the water for a 30 second count. For the single cup, remove the tea bag (after squashing it against the side of the cup several times to give it one last hoorah). For the pot, leave the tea bags in the water, replace the lid (and the cosy, if it has room for the pouring spout to poke out and function normally), and pour into mugs, leaving a 3cm allowance for milk and splashage. Add the amount of milk necessary for a good time, add sugar/sweeteners, stir for 10 seconds, and drink immediately. Do not forget where you put your tea!

Thanks. Wait, What Were We Talking About Again?

We were talking about how you all should buy my Tea Me Bro t-shirt from our Cup of Tea collection. Or any of the other amazing designs in there. Show the world how much you love tea, and together we can create a nation of tea drinkers to make this place feel more like the sad cafe.

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