Spotlight On: Our “Legalize The Surprise” Collection

Spotlight On: Our “Legalize The Surprise” Collection

When I had the idea for a British-inspired expat t-shirt website, there was one thing that just had to be featured, and that was the outrageous ban on Kinder Eggs in America.

Whether true or not, in my circle of Brits it was a common joke that America was very quick to ban and sue everything, so when I first moved here I legitimately thought I was being joked with when I found out that Kinder eggs were illegal in this country. Surely not, surely there are things more important than making sure people don’t accidentally consume plastic for lunch?! But nope, it’s true – you cannot buy Kinder Eggs in America, you cannot sell Kinder Eggs in America, and you sure as hell are not allowed to bring Kinder Eggs into America. You can actually be sued – yep, and people have been – as much as $120 per egg!

So, my hope of actually eating the delicious two-tone treat in this country is currently a pipe dream, and so my only course of action can be to voice my disgust in a slightly muted British manner. What better way than to create something other people can wear, so they do all the protesting for me?!

Check out the Legalize The Surprise collection here. All our t-shirt designs in this line are the gorgeously soft American Apparel brand, and the color selection is soft and playful pastels to match your drawer full of half-finished Kinder toys. We’re adding items all the time, so check back if you don’t see what you’re looking for. We also have both American and British English versions so you can decide which nationality will mock you for the spelling.

As always, ask if you need help or have questions. Now go march on Washington!

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