Tee Shirts for Fall – 5 Design Ideas for the Discerning Brit

Tee Shirts for Fall – 5 Design Ideas for the Discerning Brit

Tee shirts are a wonderful fashion accessory – they are affordable, they are easy to wear, and there are an abundance of awesome designs so you can always have something to wear that will make people ask you where you got it from. Here’s our top 10 pick of fall’s best shirts:

1. Your home on your sleeve.

State-based shirts are awesome, because they allow you to have pride in your two homes. For the expats out there reading this, you’ve probably been heavily marketed at through Facebook for these. Check out our British Born shirt, new today!

2. All-over flag designs.

We like these because they say loud and clear, “This is who I am”. They’re slightly obnoxious, but no one will dare to take offence at the lovely Jack. Fly your flag at full mast and be proud of your birth country with this tee.

3. British profanities.Profane British Tee Shirts

“Bollocks” isn’t something that’ll get too many outraged comments, but it will raise a few questions with the locals. Probably not one to wear to work! For something a little more subtle, go for “Git” or “Plonker”, or simply just this shirt, that says it how it is, from ExpatClothes.com.

4. Leave Brit-Me Alone!

Sometimes it just gets too much, being asked questions about being British. Consider a tee that will state loud and proud that you’re not interested in talking about it.

5. British workout tee shirts.

You pump iron? Great. You pump iron because you’re British? Well that’s something you should definitely be telling people. Get a shirt that tells people, “hey, if you don’t mind, I’m British over here!” while you’re getting your weight lifting on.

Why wear a shirt that says the same old, reused “keep calm” or other statement you’ve heard a thousand times. Even if you’re not British, a themed tee will make you stand out, and is something that is guaranteed to get you attention, no matter where you are. Just make sure you practice saying “bottle” in a very British accent first.


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