Analysis Paralysis or: How I learned to stop worrying and just start my online business already

Analysis Paralysis or: How I learned to stop worrying and just start my online business already

It’s already been established that I suffer from analysis paralysis, so coming up with what to sell in my new online store wasn’t an easy thought to grapple with. First there was the e-commerce book I’d read, which gave me 16 handy steps to identify the perfect niche along with double-spread graphs, tables to be completed, and long winded explanations of Adwords, then there was the blog that outright told me my ideas would all suck regardless, and then on top of all this was the inside nagging feeling that doing anything other than what I truly loved was a farce. What to do!

The thing is, if I don’t love something I leave it. I’m a selfish lover like that. As a Brit I both find it hard to show my true emotion, and cannot do anything but be honest. This means that selling tow bar accessories for boat trailers, or special cleaning sponges for ovens, or anything else that you find in the weird dark corners of Amazon was not a good choice for me. I once wrote spam as a job (I’ve done some weird stuff) and I had to write 500,000 words on flower arranging (specifically roses)… that sucked. Hardest few dollars I’ve ever earned!

So back to the topic in hand. What to sell. I had no idea. And then a week ago I was feeling desperate for a change. My husband was out of town on a training course that was an amazing once-in-a-forever opportunity, and meanwhile I was just sort of… festering. So, sat in bed, I powered up my laptop and Googled my feelings. “I don’t know what to sell in my store”, “I am worried about starting a business”, and of course “How do I start an online business today”, and within a few minutes I had found my idea. T-shirts.

I’ve always enjoyed using Photoshop, and I have quite a unique brain, especially when sleep-deprived, so it almost instantly clicked that I would make my own graphic designs to sell on shirts. Ok, good, within 10 minutes we’d got a store idea, and a basic premise of what would be in it. Now came the biggie, “What, exactly, will I put on these t-shirts?!” I looked down at the book I was using as a mousemat and saw it – “British Things”. A-HAH OF COURSE! I’m a Brit, I’m really really good at being a Brit, and I love talking about being a Brit. So there we had it, a concept.

I guess the rambling of this blog is to cover the subject of that awful feeling when you’ve done too much research and you feel a bit… stodgy and sick. A bit like when you eat too much Kinder chocolate and you feel a bit… stodgy and sick. None of the ‘successful blogger entrepreneurs’ talk about it too much, I guess because that would undermine the image of being a ‘influencer’ in the space. No one mentions the fact that it’s ok to have no idea (and maybe I’m only mentioning it because I’m a week in and have had the same level of sales as I’ve had kids). BUT IT TOTALLY IS! The thing that you need to get over, right now, is the thing that stops you just going for it, whatever is lingering at the back of your mind. I had wanted to sell my own designs forever, but I never really knew it until it clicked. Make it click now! If you have an idea in your mind that is sort of knocking around when you turn sharply while driving, now is the best time to pull it out and get it where it needs to be – in motion. Just think, in a week you could be as successful as me!


*(Check back in one year to see if I made a “I actually did in the end!” edit.)

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