T-shirt online shopping: Getting it right

T-shirt online shopping: Getting it right

When buying a t-shirt online, a consumer is faced with loads of options. Many daily websites such as Busted Tees, Teespring, Teefury, Qwertee offer variety, but is that a good thing? It can be easy to take what started as a simple mission to buy a good t-shirt and turn it into a whole mess of decisions and confusion.

The first thing to keep in mind is what you’re looking for. Those daily sites are awesome if your mind is blank and you’re just hoping that the perfect gift for a roommate or friend falls into your lap. The problem occurs when you’re already halfway thinking about exactly what it is you want to buy, like buying a t-shirt online for your girlfriend, and trying to match her impeccable taste without insulting her. Dangerous territory!

We suggest considering this list of things when online t-shirt shopping:

Consider when it will be worn. t-shirt-online

If you’re looking for a cool t-shirt design that you can wear all the time, you have to consider dress codes at work, at church, or within your friend groups. You don’t want to buy a t-shirt about prosecco drunkness if you end up offending your mom’s longest standing friend at the next family party.

Think about whether other people will get it.

People will ask if they don’t get the joke. This is a plus or a minus, depending on who you are. We design our t-shirts for expats and Brits, so the jokes can be pretty obscure. Be prepared to have people stopping you to ask what’s on your shirt. This is definitely a benefit if you’re single.

A t-shirt online is not just the design.

People will shop for cheap online t-shirt designs, spend $25 on a shirt, and not once consider if they’ll actually like the shirt itself. Pay attention to whether it’s going to be cheap itchy fabric, or a good quality brand. We use USA-made shirts like American Apparel or Bella. This also goes for the cut and shape.

We have some cool and funny t-shirt designs that are perfect for gifts, or just as a treat for yourself. Consider these three points when buying your next t-shirt online and avoid the hours spent deliberating over what to buy.

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