Wearing the Union Jack: Should you be?

Wearing the Union Jack: Should you be?

Flags can be a source of contention, and without getting into too many dodgy politics, people are more ‘scared’ of cultural pride now than ever before. I proudly display my home flag on my license plate, and today I wondered, is wearing the Union Jack something that should be approached with caution?

Firstly, lets discuss the reasons why I’d even bring this up. We’ve all seen the news, there are tensions all over the place. This blog isn’t the right place to go into that, but suffice to say, it’s brought about lots of caution around those who proudly display their heritage. For example,  this guy was told not to wear the Union Jack on TWO separate occasions because it might offend someone. These police were prohibited from wearing a Union Jack patch as a tribute to a Merseyside police officer. Where a simple flag was once a symbol of a nation’s unity, it seems that it’s fast becoming confused with some kind of negative political statement.

PrintHere’s the thing; it seems that the world is moving in a direction where people are less able to simply say they support something without saying it’s at the expense of something else. Lets go back to my car license plate – I drive around with a Union Jack sticker on the front of my car because, hey, I want people to know why I’m plowing through Kingston Pike in Knoxville on the wrong side of the road. I’m probably kidding. But seriously, that’s it. I just like my home, I miss my home, and every once in a while, I want someone to be like “Hey that’s also MY home!” and be gas pump buddies with me for 10 minutes. Wearing the Union Jack, or displaying it on my car, is simply just me reppin’ my homeland, as others rep Nike or Adidas. I’m not making any other statements than that.

Ok, back to wearing the union jack for non-political reasons

Wow, that got serious fast, uh? Back to the light hearted stuff. Is there any other reason you’d not want to wear the beautiful red white and blue as a fashion icon? Yes, I can think of one. If you’re someone who hates the thought of everyone around you constantly saying things like “Ello guv-nahhhh” each time they see it, you probably don’t want to be wearing the Union Jack in a prominent place on your body. It’s one thing to have a cute saying or joke about a British cat, but a full on all-over print of the flag might wear a bit thin on you. To each his own.

If you ask me, I think it’s a beautiful thing, and I’m not just talking about the the UK’s flag. I have an American Flag blanket in my car that I love. It’s so warm and comforting during bleak winters! I also have a mug with some Russian flags on, or at least I think that’s what they are, it’s all in Russian so they could be anything really. They’re cool though, whatever they are.

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